Soliloquy EP

by Owl Stretching



released May 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Owl Stretching Coral Springs, Florida

Musical experimentation conducted on a grand scale by Jason Bieler, hand model, paranormal instigator, amateur surgeon, quipster, director of frivolity & music freak.

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Track Name: Where Dreams Go To Die
You planned a great trip and you packed all your things with great care
You jumped in a cab he informed you you’re already there

You wanted to stay in a house on the hill
You wanted fine wine but you settled on pills

You wanted to dance got great shoes and some pants straight away
The left foot the right foot the wrong mood the night by Monet

You dreamed of it all but had lived with much less
You just wanted more but you’re clearly not blessed

I’m sure you’re lonely just sitting with me as your playing church bells with your hands

Everyone’s happy except you and me someone shoot me right here where I stand.

The emptiest eyes but your smile says someones still there
Your wear all your scars just like a scarves and you play with your hair.

I asked you to talk and you stared right though me
I asked for the check they had no sympathy

I’m sure your hoping for somebody else
There is no point to set standards so high

The bar might be closing, the lights have gone out
your still waiting for some kind of sign

My pride has been stolen my ego laid bare as you sit there with some kind of grin

Temptation passes with sobering gin in this place where all dreams go to die!

Time won't bind there old wounds and time won’t set you free