F​*​*​K You It's Christmas FREE

by Owl Stretching



My small way of making your holidays a wee bit brighter...NSFW


released December 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Owl Stretching Coral Springs, Florida

Musical experimentation conducted on a grand scale by Jason Bieler, hand model, paranormal instigator, amateur surgeon, quipster, director of frivolity & music freak.

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Track Name: F**K You It's Christmas (Explicit)
F**K you it's Christmas, I hate your shiny lights
F**K you it's Christmas, your shopping and your fights
With your Frosty and Rudolph and silver and gold
With your sweet little stories all told by the old
Your Dancer and Prancer and balls hung with care
Your candlelight vigils your sad little prayers

F**K you it's Christmas, your trees an all your malls
F**K you it's Christmas, your garland and your balls
With a chubby old man bringing toys for the tots
Three thousand small babies all covered in snot
Bicycles, tricycles, cripples and poor
Little baby Jesus curled up on the floor

F**K you it's Christmas, your Apple iPad 2
F**K you it's Christmas, your Kindle Fire too
Herme and Yukon and Bumbles that speak
Eight racist reindeer who pick on the weak
The obesest of Santa's and tiny little elves
Candles and ornaments lining the shelves

F**K you it's Christmas, let's celebrate the day
F**K you it's Christmas, so jolly and so gay
Family and friends all gathered 'round the hearth
Custom wrapped presents all sent from the heart
Your uncles and aunts and your great grandma to
Have the greatest of Christmas' Hanukah too.

F**K you it's Christmas
F**K you it's Christmas
F**K you it's Christmas
F**K you it's Christmas