Delirium EP

by Owl Stretching



released September 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Owl Stretching Coral Springs, Florida

Musical experimentation conducted on a grand scale by Jason Bieler, hand model, paranormal instigator, amateur surgeon, quipster, director of frivolity & music freak.

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Track Name: All We Are
She takes the train bout half the way
She steps outside beneath the pouring rain
She starts to walk but stops again
She holds her phone just like her only friend

All we are is all we need
Everything's not what it seems

The moon shines down with no real light
It gives no warmth upon a cold dark night
You wanted more the price too steep
It gives no shelter and it brings no peace

Animate a Sunday morning
Paint yourself a brand new day
Catch yourself to stop from falling
Find yourself a whole new way
Track Name: Home
Sometimes the world can break you down
Kick you in the face and spin you round
Sometimes it all can seem so hard
Like climbing mountains in the dark

The world don’t love us all
No the world don’t care at all
If I'm on my way

Sometimes it just won’t go your way
You just can't simply find the words to say
Sometimes when you're feeling awful low
You need to find a way to let it go

The world don’t love us all
No the world don’t know at all

I hear the rumble of the wheels upon the track
I know the train is on the way

Tell my love I’m on my way back home again
Tell her that I’m on my my
Tell my love I’ll find my way back home
and I will stay
Track Name: Sheeple
We are the sheeple
Living on the scraps
Eating what the rich have left behind

Just like the lambs we're
Led to slaughter
Fighting over just who's next in line

This is the end of love

We are spineless
Harmless doves now
Gathering for warmth around the lies

We've been tempted by our leaders
Fattening our empty little minds
Track Name: Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa faked her smile
Drove young Leonardo wild
He took her picture far and wide
Loved the image at his side

It don't really bother him at all

Josephine was filthy rich
Napoleon could not resist
He built a palace in the stars
Just to prove she had his heart

It don't really bother him at cause

She alone can take you to a place of constant blissful slumber
She alone can take it all away
She alone can make my heart explode in two with violent thunder
She alone can take it all away